Rainout Guard ROG08312004-EA

Humidification without Condensation
  • Manufactured by: American Medical Innovations Inc
  • Packaging: EACH

• Rainout Guard® technology is designed to help reduce moisture build up that is commonly associated with most masks and tubing in humidified CPAP machines.
• Humidified air is brought into the Rainout Guard® chamber where it is dispersed further through its patent pending Graduated Platform Wicking Technology.™
• Traditional tubes transfer constant moisture that can collect during sleep cycle and require the patient to drain several times nightly. Moisture levels can then also build up through the tube and eventually inside the mask.
• Rainout Guard® helps maintain the further disbursement of moisture to favorable levels which allows your patient the ability to protect the mask and tube from water build up.
• Eliminate the mixing of electricity and water from heated tubes and give your patient the comfort of humidification without condensation

 No RX Required
 Universal Fit
 Helps Prevent Tube Moisture Build Up (Rainout)
 Helps Reduce the Chances of Aspiration

  • ROG08312004 — Rainout Guard Case