MediPress Lymphedema Compression Pump 6101

Lightweight and Portable
  • Category: PUMP SYSTEMS
  • Manufactured by: Meridian Medical
  • Packaging: Each

The Medipress pneumatic compression system applies gentle compression to enhance the natural movement of extra cellular fluid as a adjunct therapy treatment of lymphedema. The pump operates on a 3 minute, automatically timed cycle consisting of 90 seconds of compression followed by 90 seconds of decompression.

Benefits include:
Enhances patient compliance due to simplicity of the device and user friendly controls
Promotes better circulation by stimulating natural muscle contractions
Promotes lymphatic and venous flow
Bilateral operation available

Indications for use:
Chrome venous insufficiency, Venous stasis ulcer, Vascular surgeries, Chronic edema, Post Mastectomy, Post Lumpectomy, Post radiation Therapy, Post Plevic surgery lymphedema, Post groin dissection lymphedema, Congenital lymphedema (Milroy's Disease), Venous and lymphatic insufficiency, and Post traumatic, post paralytic and other edemas


Adjustable Pressure Control with maximum setting of 50 mmHg

  • 6101 — MediPress Pneumatic Compression System