CAIRE’s HELiOS Plus Liquid Oxygen Delivery Unitt H850

Convenient Portable System (up to 10 hrs)
  • Category: PORTABLE O2 - LIQUID
  • Manufactured by: Caire
  • Packaging: Each

The HELiOS Plus and Marathon delivery units feature "no spill" designs, quick-fill technology, and portability, this duo helps give patients the long-lasting freedom needed to visit family, shop, or play. These portable units provide both continuous and demand flow settings, with a duration lasting up to 10 (HELiOS Plus) or 20 (HELiOS Marathon) hours.

Benefits of Liquid Oxygen
• Promotes patient ambulation
• Improved patient quality of life
• No electricity consumption saves the patient money
• 100% pure medical oxygen
• Lower dealer maintenance cost
• No back-up system required
• Most cost effective solution for ambulatory patients
• No 36-month cap for liquid Oxygen

  • H850 — Helios Marathon Liquid Portable Unit