Bariatric Guard Easy Air Low Air Loss Mattress L8042XL

42" Wide - 1000 lb weight capacity
  • Category: BARIATRIC
  • Manufactured by: Span America
  • Packaging: Each

Independently documented to outperform every leading low air loss system. Exclusive Air Diffusion Matrix technology (patent pending) and patented PressureGuard air/foam design. Easy Air won’t lose inflation in a power outage. The stable surface won’t “swallow up” the user. And its Safety Edge™ won’t collapse like air-only mattresses can, making transfers safer. Ultra-simple to set up, clean and use. Dial sets the comfort level. “On/Off” buttons control air flow and alternating pressure feature.
• 80' L x 42" W x 7" H
• 1,000 lbs for Bariatric

  • L8042XL — Bariatric, 80"L x 42"W x 7"H