Wireless Wellness Monitoring System - Scale UC-324THW

Wireless Precision Scale
  • Manufactured by: A&D Medical
  • Packaging: Each

Welcome to Wellness Connected. The A&D Wellness Connected system helps you to keep you motivated to reach your health goals whether its losing weight, lowering blood pressure, or keeping a daily activity regiment. State-of the-art Wireless technology has been incorporated into three quality A&D Wellness products to allow them to transmit data to the ActiLink USB Transceiver (included) that plugs directly into your computer or laptop. The three components are available: a Wireless Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor, a Wireless Precision Scale, and a Wireless Activity monitor/Pedometer. Each component is purchased individually and is fully functional. When buying additional components simply select the “Add Device” feature in the software and your ready-to-record multi-component readings simultaneously for a complete Wellness program. Wireless Wellness Monitoring System is your complete wellness tracking system! Through daily tracking of blood pressure, weight, and physical activity, individuals can become aware of their personal progress and take a proactive approach to caring for their health. The Wellness Connected software application automatically receives your measurements and graphs it in a colorful, user-friendly interface. Or, take your wellness tracking to the next level by subscribing to the ActiHealth™ Online service. With ActiHealth, you can view your wellness data from any Internet-enabled computer and even remotely track the progress of family and friends, such as an elderly parent or weight loss partner. Wherever you want to go with your health, Wellness Connected will help you get there. Components available:
UC-324THW Wireless precision Scale
UA-851THW Wireless BP Monitor
XL-20 Wireless Pedometer

  • UC-324THW — Wireless Precision Scale