Hand-Held Shower Spray B215-00
Shower Spray only with on/off valve
Padded Bathtub Transfer Bench B152-11
With Cutout and Commode Pail
Padded Bathtub Transfer Benches B150-C0
Comfortable Seating surface
Raised Toilet Seat B310-00
Fit both Standard and Elongated toilets - Retail Packaged
Raised Toilet Seat B302-C0
Fits both standard and elongated toilets
Replacement Commode Pail with Lid PB1500
ProBasics Replacement Part
Safe Lock™ Raised Toilet Seat B313-00
Retail Packaged - Case pk: 3
Softie™ Toilet Seat Cushion B315-00
Secures with hook and loop - Case pk: 4
Splash Guard B363-00
Replacement Part
Toilet Paper Holder B366-00
Fits most Standard Commodes
Toilet Safety Frame B358-00
Easy-to-clean foam cushion grips
Toilet Safety Rail B368-00
Easy-to-clean foam cushion grips.
Toilet Seat Elevators B316-00
Fits under elongated Seat - with arms
Toilet Seat Elevators B307-00
Fit under a standard toilet seat.
Toilet Seat Elevators B317-00
Fits Standard toilet - with arms
Toilet Seat Elevators B306-00
Fits under elongated toilet seats
Transfer Bench Extension Legs B161-00
Fits all Carex Transfer Benches
Universal Composite Shower Bench B670-00
Without Back - Retailed Packaged